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About Fairfax Police Department
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Our Main Focus
FPD BuildingFairfax's police department began rather humbly with a single officer in the early 1920s, and has mastered the challenges of changing times to become, today, a thriving modern agency with 20 employees and an easy-to-understand approach.

"For us, it's all about solving problems," explains Fairfax Chief of Police Chris Morin. "First and foremost, we want to provide good police service to the citizens of the town, but our over-riding goal is to strive to do our best to solve problems for people. That's where we want to be known as successful."
An Emphasis on "Community Oriented Policing"
Fairfax Police Department believes strongly in the philosophy known as "Community Oriented Policing". In this modern approach to law enforcement, the entire community becomes involved in identifying and solving problems that affect the community. Local community groups work in tandem with police officers to address issues and research resolutions that will provide a long-term solution to community needs.

"Fairfax - as any community does - has gone through a lot of social changes over time," explained Chief Morin. "Consequently, we can't allow ourselves to become stagnant in our work. We want to be constantly available to work with people in the community to respond to changing needs."

Certainly, the department's mandate has undergone change. In the early days of the department, the rollicking times of Prohibition and speak-easies were the challenge facing the 6-person department in what was then a resort community. Later, in the 1960's, the department had grown to about 9 staff members, who dealt with the unrest of the 1960's and the influences of major rock concerts hosted in the community.

"Now, of course, the challenges we face are different," Chief Morin stated. "Our community is no longer a summer resort - it is a bedroom community with a family orientation, as well as a still popular entertainment destination with a spirited, thriving night life. The issues we deal with can be domestic problems, or substance abuse, or juvenile issues, or parking problems - but we are constantly working to develop and maintain programs that reflect these needs and that help the community in these areas." s

"Regardless of whether we are working with other police agencies, with community-wide groups like the Chamber of Commerce, Safe Routes to School Committee and the school district, or with a small neighborhood association, we want to work harder to become a valued addition to the problem-solving task forces of the community," concluded Chief Morin. "That's one of the many things we enjoy about our work, and I'm confident we'll be continuing our efforts in this important aspect of law enforcement in the future."